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The time is now to save fuel, labor and the environment by purchasing the AgHeat propane heating system. Conventional oil-burning heaters quickly force the heat up and through the crop protection zone, creating a 'stack effect'.

AgHeat heaters are designed to create thermal turbulence and push the heat down and horizontally. By eliminating the hot buoyant 'stack effect', we homogenize the heated air in the crop zone, allowing the warmed air to remain in the protected area longer. Combined with totally efficient combustion of propane in our patented burner, the AgHeat heaters will save your crops and your fuel dollars.

AgHeat heaters will not blow your inversion layer as the old conventional heaters do. We are the first to offer heaters that eliminate the 'stack effect', which wastes up to 85% of your heat to the atmosphere.

It's time for a fresh approach to the frost and freeze protection, and we at AgHeat can provide you with the best propane heating system on the market. We are farmers too, and trust our crops to the protections of these heaters.

USE ALONE...OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH WIND MACHINES. The combination of heaters with fans not only produces sizeable savings in heater fuel use, up to 90%, but increases the overall efficiency of both components. AgHeat heaters will not blow out, which makes them a good choice for this type of application. On the up-drift side of your field we recommend 20' spacing on the outside row. All other heaters will be spaced up to 40' apart. We recommend solid set underground plumbing for our heaters, however surface hoses will work. By eliminating the 'stack effect' with our heater design, and with infinite control over the amount of fuel burned, our propane heaters will deliver savings to the grower both in fuel efficiency and labor. We encourage our customers to ask other AgHeat customers about their satisfaction with our products and service.

We are a 'ZERO INVENTORY COMPANY', we build to order only.

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