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How many heaters (border heat) will I need with my frost fan?

This varies with the site conditions. Mild sites will need eight to ten heaters per acre with fan. Cold sites will need twenty to twenty-five heaters per acre.

How many heaters will I need without a fan?

Depending on site you will want 30-40 heaters per acre. Maximum spacing is 40' X40'.

How big of a tank will I need and how many heaters can I put on one tank?

Every design is unique. Depending on the number of heaters you have will determine tank, or tank sizes. Please consult your propane dealer.

How do I set up my plumbing to the field?

Most growers install underground piping and risers to each heater. Some growers use surface hoses. We are happy to discuss plumbing ideas with each grower.

How much fuel do they burn?

Fuel consumption is controlled at the supply tank with a regulator. The colder the night, the more pressure you will need. Usually, growers run between 1 & 4 pounds PSI, depending on site and the weather. In severe cold conditions, some growers have used up to 10 PSI. Refer to the fuel consumption charts on previous page of website.

Can I leave my heaters out in the field?

Yes, many growers do. Growers using them for freeze protection, as well as frost protection are always ready to use their heaters. To those of you that have previously purchased from us, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Please contact us with comments or concerns as we strive to improve customer service and know that YOU the growers are our best advertisements.

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